Kate makes plans to confront the person trying to take Aaron from her, while the survivors on the island consider the consequences of changing history as they continue traveling through time.

Written by Brian K. Vaughan & Melinda Hsu Taylor
Directed by Stephen Williams


Season 5’s trend of beginning with flashbacks continues, as we’re treated to another look at what happened on the Searcher (Penny’s boat) after the Oceanic 6 were rescued. This one, according to what we heard, took place two nights after the rescue, and the night before the group’s big conversation about the lie they would have to tell.

It’s late at night on board the Searcher, and Kate and Jack discuss Aaron as the little guy sleeps in Kate’s arms. Kate says she’s been thinking about how Claire originally intended to give him up for adoption. She wants to keep Aaron herself. Jack seems skeptical, but eventually the conversation moves to the upcoming conversation the six of them must have the next day. Jack requests Kate’s help in convincing the others to lie, asking if she’s with him on this. “I have always been with you,” she replies.

Off the Island

In the present, Kate has been staying with Sun since running from her home. She borrows a dress from Sun in preparation for some kind of plan that was suggested by Sun. Aaron stays behind with Sun, as Kate leaves. Sun, meanwhile, receives a package from a courier. Inside is a file full of surveillance transcripts and photographs that look like they were taken by a private detective. The photos are of Ben and Jack, at their first meeting together at the funeral parlor where Locke’s body was. Also in the package is a box of chocolates, and when Sun lifts out the tray of candy, there’s a pistol underneath.

Kate’s mystery meeting is with Dan Norton, of the law firm Agostini & Norton. This is the same firm that has a court order demanding a blood sample from both Kate and Aaron to determine their relationship. Kate offers a deal: she’ll give them her blood sample, if Norton will let Kate talk to his client. Norton turns her down, saying she has no leg to stand on, legally, and she knows it. He suggests she prepares herself for the inevitability that she is going to lose Aaron, and he says the “exchange of custody” should be handled quietly, for everyone’s sakes.

Jack is still at the hospital, watching over Sayid. Sayid still wants to get out of there and help Hurley, which leads to an argument between them about Ben’s motivations. Jack believes Ben truly wants to help, while Sayid insists that Ben can’t be trusted. Jack is pulled out of the room by a Dr. Ariza, who demands that Jack explain himself. He was recently suspended on charges of substance abuse, and has no business practicing medicine there on anyone. They’re interrupted by a phone call; it’s Hurley, calling Jack from L.A. County lockup. And Hurley is happy and proud of himself for outwitting Ben, and tells Jack to assure Sayid that he did the right thing, and that Ben can’t touch him. Ben shows up just as Hurley hangs up on Jack.

Meanwhile, a male nurse enters Sayid’s hospital room and says he’s there to give Sayid his meds. Just then, he pulls out a tranquilizer gun, but Sayid has gotten the drop on him, and the two tangle. Sayid overpowers the other man, asking who he works for. The man won’t tell, but says that there’s something in his pants pocket. Jack and Ben walk in the room, and Sayid is nonplussed at Ben’s presence. Sayid retrieves a piece of paper from his attacker’s pants pocket, and there’s an address written on it. Jack recognizes the address at once — it’s Kate’s house.

Outside the hospital, Ben says he’ll go retrieve Hurley from jail, but Sayid takes his keys and says he’ll do the driving. Jack calls Kate on his cell, and (surprisingly, considering their last encounter when he was stoned out of his mind) she answers. He asks if she’s okay, and where she’s at right now. He’s worried for her safety, so she reluctantly tells him where she is. Ben tells Jack to get Kate and meet them at the Long Beach Marina, and to hurry, because they’re running out of time.

Jack drives to Kate’s location, and finds her parked in her car right outside the offices of Agostini & Norton. She’s pleasantly surprised that he’s cleaned himself up and shaved the beard. She doesn’t want him there and asks him to leave, but finally confesses that someone out there knows the truth about her and Aaron, and is trying to take him away from her. Just then, Norton leaves the law office in his car, and she goes to follow him in hers. Jack hops in her car, wanting to help.

Kate and Jack follow Norton to a motel, where he meets with a client. Kate explains she’s hoping to find out who the client is that’s threatening her custody of Aaron. They watch as Norton knocks on the door of a motel room, and the person who comes to the door is Claire Littleton’s mother — aka, Aaron’s real grandmother, Carole Littleton. It starts to rain, and Norton leaves after a brief conversation with Carole. Jack suggests he go to the motel room and talk to Claire’s mother. He thinks he can make her see reason if he comes clean and explains why they had to lie. Kate doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but relents when Jack argues, “Aaron is my family, too.”

Carole is shocked to see Jack, but after a brief conversation, Jack determines that she doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t recognize the name Aaron, and has no idea who he is. Jack bolts, returning to Kate’s car, and tells her to book it out of there. They’re in the clear; Carole has sued Oceanic Airlines over the crash, and she’s in town to pick up a settlement check from her lawyers — who just happen to be Agostini & Norton.

In the meantime, Sayid and Ben end up not at the county jail, but in a parking garage. While they wait to meet someone, Ben asks Sayid why he felt compelled to rescue Hurley from the mental hospital. Sayid replies that he needed to know Hurley was safe. Ben’s contact arrives, and it’s none other than lawyer Dan Norton (this guy gets around!). He tells Ben that he’s worked out Hurley’s release, legally, that all charges against him will be dropped at a hearing tomorrow morning, and Hurley will be free to go. When Norton leaves, Sayid asks who that was. “That’s my lawyer,” replies Ben.

That night, at a pier, everyone meets together as planned. Kate and Jack arrive first, and she demands the truth about why he came to see her today. He tells her about Sayid’s attacker, and the fact that he had her address likely as his next target. Ben and Sayid arrive, and Kate is not happy to see Ben. Jack genuinely believes Ben is trying to help them, but seeing Ben in person helps her to put the pieces together: he’s the one who got the court order for the paternity test. Ben admits it without argument, and as he prepares to make his case, Sun arrives and watches the confrontation take place from inside her car. Aaron is with her, in the backseat. Eying Ben menacingly, she retrieves the pistol from her courier package and gets out of the car…

On the Island

Just ten minutes after Charlotte’s collapse and bloody nose, Miles retrieves water for her from the creek. Juliet questions Daniel about what’s happening to Charlotte, and Sawyer pitches in, demanding answers from Dan with his unique brand of wit. When Juliet asks him to walk away, Daniel admits to her that Juliet’s internal clock is suffering the effects of their movements through time, and compares it to “really bad jetlag.” Juliet observes that jetlag doesn’t make you hemorrhage, and asks why it’s only happening to Charlotte. Dan says he doesn’t know.

As they watch Daniel and Juliet attend to Charlotte from a distance, Locke tells Sawyer that they have to return to the Orchid station. Locke believes that their travels through time began there, and he might be able to make it end there. And if not, Ben Linus used it to leave the island, and Locke he can do the same thing, and retrieve the Oceanic 6. Sawyer is surprised to find out that Kate and the others aren’t dead, but Locke won’t tell him how he knows this. Locke says he believes that bringing back the Oceanic 6 will make the time jumps stop. Locke suggests they use the Zodiac boat and sail around the horn of the island to reach the Orchid faster.

Charlotte wakes up, and suffers a momentary memory loss, but it passes quickly. She assures Dan that she’s okay, and Sawyer comes to tell them that they’re leaving for the Orchid station. Locke succeeded in convincing him to go by asking him, “Don’t you want her to come back?”

Later that night, as they are returning to the survivor’s camp to get the Zodiac, Sawyer asks Locke what he’s going to say to Kate to get her to come back. Locke admits he doesn’t know yet. The group spots a very familiar-looking beacon of light shining into the night sky, and though it’s directly in their path, Locke tells everyone to go around. Daniel asks Locke if he knows when they are, but Locke doesn’t answer. Charlotte says her head feels better, but Miles secretly wipes away blood from his nose.

A scream is heard in the jungle, and Sawyer races toward the sound. He hides in the underbrush, watching as Claire gives birth to Aaron, with Kate’s help. They are two months in the past, when Kate is still on the island. Claire is in tremendous birth pains, but Kate calms her down by telling her that she’s not alone, that the baby has all of them to rely on, and Claire is going to get through this. Sawyer is deeply moved at the sight of Kate, who he thought he’d never see again, but he stays hidden from sight.

There’s a time flash, and now it’s daytime, and Kate and Claire are gone. Later, the group continues their trek toward the beach, and Locke asks Sawyer what he saw in the jungle, because he knows it was two months ago. Sawyer won’t tell, but he asks Locke how he knew when they were. Locke explains that the light they saw in the night sky was from the Swan hatch, and he tells Sawyer what he did the night that Boone died. He pounded on the hatch, angry and hurting, wanting to know what the island wanted from him. Sawyer asks why Locke didn’t go back there and save himself from that pain. Locke says that he needed that pain to get to where he is now.

Miles quietly confesses to Dan about his nosebleed, and Dan says he has a theory that the detrimental effects of time travel are related to the duration of exposure to the island — aka, how long one has spent on the island, and Charlotte as effected first because she believes she was born on the island, so she’s spent more time there than anyone. Miles replies that that makes no sense, because he’s spent less time on the island than Locke or Sawyer, neither of whom are symptomatic yet. Daniel asks Miles if he’s certain about that.

The group is surprised to find that the survivors’ camp is back on the beach. But no one’s there, the camp is trashed, and the Zodiac is gone. They also find a pair of canoes washed up on the shore that none of them have ever seen before; inside one canoe is a water bottle labeled with the Ajira Airways logo (!). Juliet has heard of Ajira and tells them that it’s an airline that flies all over the world, but is based out of India.

The group steals a canoe and races out to sea with it. On the water, Sawyer confesses to Juliet that he saw Kate in the jungle from two months ago. Before they can talk about this further, someone starts shooting at them from behind. In the water there’s another boat, and this one quickly starts catching up with them. Miles speculates, “I think they want their boat back!” Juliet pulls out a rifle and appears to hit one of their attackers (or they might have just ducked, it was hard to tell), but it’s not enough, and the other boat bears down on them. Just when all hope seems lost, there’s another time flash, and now they’re at sea in a rain storm, at night.

When they wash up on the shore, it’s still nighttime. Juliet presses Sawyer to talk about seeing Kate again, and he does, but her nose starts to bleed. Charlotte finds wreckage on the shore from some kind of boat, and Locke finds a piece of debris with a French word written on it: Besixdouze.

On a life raft out at sea, a group of Frenchmen we can’t really make out are struggling to survive, and they don’t seem to know that they’re near an island. They spot something floating in the water and intercept it. It’s a large piece of wood, with a man laying on it face-down, unconscious. They turn him over, and…

Wait for it…

It’s Jin! He’s alive!

The next day, Jin wakes up on the island beach with the French people. Their youngest member, a twenty-something girl, helps him. She speaks English, and she’s several months pregnant. The French crew question Jin about how he got there, and how long he was afloat on his makeshift raft. The girl asks his name, and he tells her. She replies…

“Hello, Jin. I’m Danielle. Danielle Rousseau.”

  • No, Jin lives! He escaped his brush with death by being blown out to sea by the bomb’s blast, and clinging to a piece of debris to survive.
    Question: Is Jin really dead? [4.14]
  • At Kate’s request while still onboard the Searcher, the Oceanic 6 agreed to pretend that Aaron was Kate’s son. Kate pointed out that Claire had meant to give Aaron up for adoption anyway, and she felt that it should be one of the survivors who became his adopted parent.
    Question: How and why did Kate end up posing as Aaron’s biological mother? [4.04]
  • Who else? Benjamin Linus.
    Question: Who is Agostini & Norton’s client that’s trying to separate Kate from Aaron? [5.01]
  • According to Daniel, the time jumps are causing something like “really bad jetlag,” throwing off the mind’s internal clock, though it has more detrimental physical effects, including brain hemorrhages. Now that all of the survivors are beginning to experience the headaches, it seems that the amount of time one has spent on the island dictates how early they are affected by the time jumps. Since Charlotte believes she was born on the island, she must have spent more time there than anyone, and that’s why she was the first to get the headaches.
    Question: Why is Charlotte’s nose bleeding in response to the time jumps? [5.01]
  • No, Jin is alive, having apparently been thrown from the deck of the freighter Kahana by the blast that destroyed it, and survived by floating on a broken off piece of plywood. He was caught within the radius of the island’s move, so he has been jumping through time with the rest of the survivors, though he has been unconscious since the jumps began. Sun believes that he’s dead because she saw the freighter blow up while she thought he was still on it.
    Question: Is Jin really dead in the future? If so, how did he die? [4.07]

  • Miles’ nose bleeding next, after Charlotte’s, means that he’s spent more time on the island than any of them except her. The fact that Juliet came next, means that Miles spent more than three years on the island (because that’s how long Juliet spent on it). When did Miles live for more than three years on the island, and why doesn’t he remember it?
  • Where did the canoes come from that were at the survivors’ camp? When in time did they arrive, and who brought them there? Did they arrive on Ajira Airways?
  • Who shot at the survivors from the second canoe?

Did Sun’s package-o’-revenge come courtesy of one Charles Widmore? Seems like a no-brainer. Which would mean that Widmore is trying to have Ben killed, despite the “rules” that exist between the two suggesting that neither one can kill the other.

I was kind of surprised to hear Sayid ask the nurse guy who he was working for. I sorta thought he knew who was after him and Hurley, but apparently not.

Kate’s home address is 42 Panorama Crest. 42 is one of the cursed numbers.

Ben’s meeting place is Slip 23 at the Long Beach Marina. 23 is also one of the cursed numbers.

Benjamin Linus and Carole Littleton both use the same lawyer. Coincidence?

Ben’s van — the one that he and Sayid meet Ben’s laywer in, in this episode, and the one Ben moved Locke’s body in, two episodes ago — is labeled “Canton-Rainier Carpet Cleaning.” Rearrange the letters of “Canton-Rainier” and you get “reincarnation.” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. (I’m telling you, Locke’s not dead. Believe it.)

Raise your hand if you were surprised to see that Ben was Agostini & Norton’s mystery client. Yeah, I thought not. It was just such a Ben thing to do, manipulating Kate that way. Still, even though it wasn’t a surprise, Michael Emerson’s oh-so-innocent reading of the line, “that’s my lawyer” was priceless.

Is Locke right, that bringing the Oceanic 6 back to the island will stop the time jumps? Richard told him that it would save the island, but he didn’t specifically say that saving the island meant bringing all the time-hopping to an end.

I had actually forgotten that it was Kate that delivered baby Aaron into the world. Really brings everything full circle for the little guy, doesn’t it?

This episode marks the first time the survivors’ island time jumping has brought them face-to-face with their own people in the past. It felt to me like a bit of foreshadowing, as if the writer’s were sending us a subtle signal that yes, the survivors will encounter themselves during their travels through time, and the show is going to address what happens when they do.

The bit about the time travel sickness effecting people based on their duration of time spent on the island was very revealing. Charlotte is effected first because she was born on the island (yet she has yet to reveal anything about her past there, so one has to wonder if she even remembers?). Miles was effected next, presumably because he’s spent more time on the island than he realizes. Which really lends credence to that theory going around that he was the infant son we saw in the opening scenes of the season premiere, belonging to Dr. Pierre Chang and his wife. Juliet was the next one to show symptoms, which fits because she’s been on the island for years, working with the Others and their fertility problems. Based on this line of reasoning, it’s only a matter of time before Sawyer and Locke start showing symptoms too. But then there’s Faraday. He’s not symptomatic yet, which can only mean he’s spent very little time in his life on the island. Unless… he’s somehow special, in a Desmond kind of way, and immune to the effects of time travel. What do you think?

So the big easter egg in 5.05 was without a doubt that Ajira Airways water bottle. What did it mean? Here’s my theory. The fact that we’ve never seen the survivors’ camp completely deserted (not counting the Season 3 finale when everyone left because of the Others’ intended abduction of the pregnant women, because even then, Sayid, Jin, and Bernard were still there), added to the presence of the canoe we’ve never seen before leads to the very obvious conclusion that this is very likely our first real time jump into the future of the island. Now I have no idea why the camp was completely deserted, but the prevailing theory is that Ajira Airways is going to have something to do with the Oceanic 6’s return to the island. So my guess is that this time jump took our happy band of time travelers to a moment in time not long after the Oceanic 6 returned — and that that canoe belonged to them. I’ve got no idea about the identities of the people on the other boat that attacked them. Theories about that, anyone?

And I kind of doubt there’s any significance to the fact that Juliet had heard of them, unless they’re an airline somehow connected to the Others. But it seems like she would have mentioned that, doesn’t it?

Hooray for the arrival of young Danielle Rousseau and her French scientist friends! This can only mean we are finally going to get Danielle’s long-awaited backstory! Did you know it was her before she announced her name? I guessed it as soon as Locke found the French-labeled debris. Since we know that Rousseau was trapped on the island for sixteen years, we can safely assume that this time flash took our survivors to sometime shortly before that.

Speaking of that French word, Besixdouze… the word comes from the famous children’s story that this episode is named after, The Little Prince. The prince in the story lives on an asteroid named B612. In 1993, a real asteroid was discovered in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and it was named 46610 Besixdouze in honor of The Little Prince. Whether or not this is the name of Rousseau’s ship is yet to be revealed, but it clearly means something of significance to the French scientists.

Once again, we’re forced to wonder if our time-traveling survivors are changing the past. Danielle has now met Jin sixteen years before she would encounter him again, among the survivors of Oceanic 815. Why doesn’t she remember meeting him before? A case could be made that she had a nervous breakdown from spending so much time alone on the island, but I still wonder about Daniel’s “the past can’t be changed” rule… And I think this whole season of Lost is going to come down to putting that rule to the test.

Never before have I wished that I could speak French, but tonight that skill would have come in pretty handy. Ah well, I’m sure some fan will translate everything the French people said and post it online, soon enough.

When Sawyer was watching Kate and Claire in the past, it got me wondering… What if the time-traveling survivors are the Whispers, watching themselves in the past?

Following that line of thought even further… What if, when all is said and done, the time-traveling survivors and the Oceanic 6 travel back through time so far that they end up being the original Others, hundreds or thousands of years ago? Would that mean Aaron is really Richard Alpert? Maybe one of them will inevitably end up with four toes, and have a statue erected in their honor. Hmm…