Hurley makes a discovery in the jungle that sparks a new plan to bring the survivors some hope. Sawyer and Kate finally make it back to the survivors at base camp.

Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Directed by Eric Laneuville


Hurley’s father, David Reyes, ran out on him and his mom when he was a boy. He claimed to be heading off to Vegas for some work, but Hurley never saw him again until he was an adult.

While attending the grand opening of his local Mr. Clucks Chicken Shack fast food restaurant — which Hurley was now the owner of, thanks to his lottery winnings — he was interviewed live by local TV personality Tricia Tanaka. When Hurley was less than engaging to Tanaka’s live audience, talking about his odd streak of bad luck, she chose to go inside the restaurant for a tour. And the entire place was promptly leveled by the impact of a meteor.

Right after the restaurant was destroyed, Hurley returned home in a dazed state and explained to his mother what happened. He hadn’t yet been to Australia to find out where the cursed Numbers came from, and expressed his desire to his mom to do just that. But Carmen had a surprise of her own for him: his father, David, had returned to them after seventeen years. But Hurley was having none of it, embittered by seventeen years of his father’s absence. Carmen revealed that David came not because Hurley won the lottery but because she asked him to, claiming that Hurley was obsessed with the notion of being cursed. But Hurley didn’t believe that his father’s interests extended beyond the money, and after his experience that day with Tricia Tanaka, he decided to get rid of the money and its curse for good. He demanded that David leave, but Carmen wouldn’t hear of it, suggesting instead that Hurley show his father that he still has the car that the two of them used to work on together when he was a boy.

The next day, David asked Hurley to do him one favor, and if it didn’t work, he could go to Australia as planned. Hurley was unimpressed to learn that his father’s big plan was to break the curse by visiting a psychic. The psychic, Lynn Karnoff, reads Tarot cards that tell her Hurley had recently won a huge sum of money that brought him nothing but misfortune. Then she got a vision of the Numbers, saying that darkness and great tragedy surround them. She pulled the Death card next and was sad to inform him that death surrounded him, and more would be coming. She saw that he was cursed, but said that she could remove it. When she retrieved a large cooking pot and began placing odd ingredients into it as a means of “exorcising the curse,” Hurley deduced that his father had put her up to this whole charade. He paid Lynn to admit that it was all a hoax.

s Hurley later began packing for his trip to Australia, his father came to him and admitted that the lottery money was a strong enticement for him to return. But reuniting with his family had brought out his concern for his son, and he truly wanted to help Hurley move past his issues with the supposed curse. He surprised Hurley by saying that he was right to want to give away the money, and make a fresh start — a fresh start they could share. Hurley was moved by the offer but insisted on taking his trip, so his father promised to be there waiting when he got back.

Hurley’s best friend, Johnny, ran off with Hurley’s girlfriend, Starla, following the flashback events depicted in the episode “Everybody Hates Hugo.”


Hurley visits Libby’s grave and tells her about what’s happened to the group of late, thanks to the Others, confessing that he’s scared. He then visits Charlie and asks why he’s been moping so much lately, and Charlie explains about Desmond’s visions of Charlie’s impending death. Hurley immediately suspects that it’s his fault because he’s cursed. Vincent comes running out of the jungle just then, holding a severed and decayed human arm in his jaws. Around the arm hangs a set of car keys, and Hurley is excited by the sight. He chases Vincent into the jungle alone, where Vincent shows him a remarkable discovery: a very old, blue VW van. Inside the van is the source of the arm Vincent was carrying: a decayed corpse wearing a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit. The man’s jumpsuit labeled him as “Roger,” with the job of “Work Man.”

At camp, Sun decides to only speak to Jin in English so that he’ll learn the language faster.

Ecstatic about his find, Hurley returns to camp and recruits Charlie and Jin to help him fix it up. But Charlie declines the offer. Back at the van, Hurley and Jin discover a huge stash of Dharma beer in the back of the vehicle, and attempt to pull Roger the corpse out. But Roger’s head is ripped off in the process, falling back into the van.

Kate and Sawyer near camp, but Kate is still less than enthused about returning without Jack. Their return is stalled when Sawyer steps on a dart, and the two of them share a tender moment. Kate suggests they start over with a clean slate, but Sawyer blows her off with his usual tough-guy routine. They emerge onto the beach, and the survivors are thrilled to be reunited with their friends.

Charlie asks Desmond when he’s going to die, but Desmond says it doesn’t work that way. Sawyer approaches angrily, wanting to know what happened to his personal stash. He’s outraged to find out that the two of them drank the bottle of Scotch he had hid away, but they point out that there was someone else involved, too: Hurley.

Sawyer finds Hurley and Jin at the van, and demands to know where his stuff is, but Hurley is overjoyed to see that Sawyer’s alive and embraces him. After they trade stories, Sawyer still says he wants his stuff back, but Hurley says no. Instead, he says, Sawyer’s going to help them fix up the van, and uses the beer as leverage. Sawyer eagerly takes the bait, and inside the van he finds a Dharma map of roads they constructed on the island, as well as the beer stash. Hurley decides to try starting the van up, but his companions believe it will never work. It doesn’t. So Jin sets to work trying to fix the engine, but soon reports that it’s beyond repair. Hurley’s angry and frustrated when Sawyer tells him it’s a hopeless cause, because he believes everyone on the island could use some hope. Sawyer informs him there is no hope on this island.

Kate reports to Sayid and Locke about how Jack stayed behind, and she formulates a plan to rescue him. Locke is intrigued to learn that the Others have the means to leave the island whenever they want. Kate says that she’s going to recruit some help, and leaves to enter the jungle alone.

Hurley gets a new idea to make the van work, and returns to the beach to convince Charlie to come with him. He suggests that the two of them could really use a victory, and Charlie agrees. They go back to the van and the four men set to work pushing the van up to the edge of a nearby hill. Sawyer suggests that rushing the vehicle down such a steep hill will only get Hurley killed, but Hurley wants to use the momentum to jumpstart the car. Charlie gets in the van with him, so Sawyer and Jin give them the needed push to get them started. They barrel down the hill at a breakneck pace, and at the last second, Hurley pops the clutch and the van starts. He circles the car back around and Sawyer and Jin jump in, so the four men can take a joyride around the valley to celebrate their victory.

Later, Hurley’s friends return to camp, filled with hope and adrenaline. Jin embraces Sun, Charlie regales Claire with his victorious tale, but Sawyer can’t locate the object of his heart’s desire, and is forced to celebrate alone.

Out in the jungle, Kate discovers that Sayid and Locke have been following her. Locke says that he believes he knows where to find the place where the Others live, thanks to directions he received from Eko’s “Jesus stick.” Soon Kate finds the help she’s been looking for — in the form of Danielle Rousseau. She asks for Danielle’s help in finding the Others’ camp, revealing that the girl who helped her escape from the Others was Danielle’s daughter, Alex.

  • Locke believes that “John 3:05″ translates to a bearing of 305 that the survivors should follow on a compass, in order to find the Others’ home.
    Question: What was Locke thinking when he read John 3:05 on Eko’s stick? [3.06]

  • Who was Roger the corpse?
  • Why was the Dharma van left out in the jungle?
  • Where did the dart come from that Sawyer stepped on?
  • Did David Reyes keep his promise and stay in Los Angeles, waiting for Hurley to return from Australia?

“Tricia Tanaka is Dead” is the fourth Hurley-centric episode of the series.

“Tricia Tanaka is Dead” is the “feel-good movie” of Season 3, a real hidden gem. After all the heaviness of the last nine episodes, leave it to morale officer Hurley to find a way to cheer everyone up. A fun, lighthearted adventure was just what was needed.